Sawn Timber


Here at Hales, as well as our manufactured timber products we also supply an extensive range of sawn timbers. 

Whether you are looking to order regular stocks for you merchant business or simply undertaking your own DIY project we have all the timber you will require. All our sawn timber is pressure treated as standard.



All our timber products are pressure treated as standard in order to ensure they have a long and low maintenance service life and are fully protected against wood decay and insect attack. 

At Hales, we stock both green and brown treated timber. However, it’s important to know the difference and which Is most suitable for your project. Green timber has a naturally pale, wooden colour that blends perfectly with outdoor environments with a slight green tint caused by the pressure-treating process. Brown timber is a darker colour which goes through the same pressure treated process as green but an additional dye is added to the treatment to provide a chestnut brown wood appearance.

Ultimately, the choose between these two colours depends on personal preference. We stock a wide range of green timber as this is the most popular option and a more limited selection of brown timber. However, you can order any of our timber to be treated brown and we will get this done ready to collect the very next day. 

If you want more information on our timber treatment process click here. 


We understand that rough sawn timbers is not suitable for every project. If you need something a bit smoother our extensive range of easy edge timber might be a better option. 

This timber is smooth with eased edges making it easier to work with and perfect for tight and accurate installation.