Stability returns to UK timber supply chain

After a year of near record imports, the timber industry is likely to find itself entering a period of greater stability in 2022, says the Timber Trade Federation (TTF). TTF reported between January and October 2021 the volume of timber imported was 28% higher than the same period in 2020 – reaching a total of 10.3 million m3 in the year to date.

However, in October 2021 statistics saw a shift in timber import patterns with volumes 16% lower in October 2021 than the corresponding month in 2020. This marked the end of the 15 months of continual growth in the UK imports of timber and panel products.

These shifts seen in the timber industry’s imports can likely be attributed to a return to more ‘regular’ demand and return to stability.

With stocks been replenished throughout the supply chain we are seeing price pressure reduce and import volumes return to normal parameters.

However, the market is still some way off ‘normality’ as Brexit, Covid-19 disruptions and HGV driver shortages continue to affect supply and demand.

(More at TTF Monthly Stats – January 2022 – Timber Trade Federation)